Hello there! I'm Joseph!

I’m a spiritual blogger and freelance writer from Washington State, USA.

In addition, I’ve experienced many spiritual and mystical experiences that have forced me to turn my life around.

I’ve been regarded as a mentor in helping you go through your spiritual awakening process.


My big break into my spiritual career was when I was asked to be a mentor and moderator for the online Facebook community “Ryan Cropper’s Friends.” It’s a group for sharing information regarding spiritual and new age topics, created by Astral Projection YouTuber Ryan Cropper. Becoming involved with the group acted as a springboard for launching my mentoring career.

While I do find myself second-guessing my abilities, I usually find books to read, such as Rasha’s “Oneness” to give me a higher perspective on my doubts and reassure me that I’m on the right path.

I’ve helped quite a few people through some tough times, and have even made a few good friends by assisting them in processing their experiences.

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of asking for spiritual guidance, sign up for my free email course. You’ll get the chance to see how beneficial it is to have a mentor like me guide you through your experiences.


I hope that you can come to understand and integrate your spiritual and mystical experiences through the use of this website.


It’s a place where I share my experiences as an awakened individual and help you understand yours.

If you’ve ever thought you were going crazy because of something unexplainable that’s happened to you, mentoring is for you. If you’re ready to start exploring the benefits of spiritual practice, sign up for my free email course! You will learn the tools you need to start your practice off on the right track.

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