More About Joseph Barela

More About Joseph Barela

Hi there! My name is Joseph, but you can call me Joey. I’m an artist and art student from Yakima, Washington, USA! These days, much of the art I produce is academic. The art I create for personal pleasure wraps into my spirituality.

I am a painter, poet, and spiritual investigator. I often use automatic writing and sometimes use a similar method while painting.

I do not think of myself as a spiritual artist or one whose paintings focus on spiritual subject matter. I am interested in helping others decipher the symbols of their unconscious mind. In doing so, I can help others better understand themselves from a spiritual point of view.

After healing some of my inner wounds, I enrolled at Central Washington University. In the past, I dedicated virtually zero hours to the serious study of art. I was reluctant, at first, to call myself an artist.

Of course, I’ve grown over my first year as an Art major at university and have no issue calling myself an artist!

I was born and raised in Yakima, WA, to very young Hispanic parents who were both in high school at my birth. My parents were never married and split up — like most high school couples — shortly after my birth in 1989.

I grew up feeling disconnected from both parents and spent much of my childhood inside my head. Endless questions always filled my mind that I hoped to one day spend the rest of my life trying to answer.

Creating art is one way I find those answers.

Art is a reflection of our inner divine truth. As Laozi puts it in “Tao Te Ching,” “The greatest art seems unsophisticated. The greatest love seems indifferent. The greatest wisdom seems childish.”

As energy, divine truth reflects within great art. That energy transcends the boundaries of our human ego. When we perceive that energy as inspiration, we can use it to help ourselves grow.

The great Dr. Carl Gustav Jung was a pioneer of Analytical Psychology. He theorized that hidden unconscious content remains inaccessible to our conscious minds. That content could project outwards and manifest as symbolic representation in the art.

I share Jung’s belief that we can find the sources of our most profound mental conflicts. We can do this by creating art to expose these hidden elements from within our psyches. Analyzing our artworks can uncover a path toward inner healing.

I believe in self-empowerment and helping others achieve their highest potential. My creative life extends to my work creating digital projects for others’ self-development. I’ve made online courses for groups to help overcome self-sabotage. Individuals have also used my worksheets to develop good habits. In other words, my creative energy connects with people on both a macro and a micro level.

My strongest desire is to help people realize their self-empowerment. Armed with that power, they can end their generational trauma. In doing so, we can all help shift the world towards compassion and empathy.
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